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Byrne Casey & Associates is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, providing a full range of proactive financial, taxation and commercial services and advice to our broad range of clients.

Our approach to the services provided is entirely client focused and service orientated. We are committed to providing our clients with the best available financial advice and services tailored to our clients specific needs and requirements.

Byrne Casey & Associates is ideally positioned to serve clients needs. Our aim at Byrne Casey & Associates is to provide a superior service in a cost effective manner. Our clients can draw on the vast experience, knowledge and skills of our multi disciplined team while retaining the personalised service and approach of a small firm.

Our aim is to provide you with excellent customer service together with a quality high value for money service.

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11/10//2016 The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan announced the 2017 Budget details.

If you would like a summary of the Budget 2017 measures please  click here.

You can also check out Budget 2016 here - Click Here for the BCA budget 2016 summary.  


IRISH WATER  RATES - See Irish Water Web Site


Payment of Local Property Tax for 2017

Guidance on your obligations for 2017 is available at: What do I need to do for 2017?


The deadline for paying your 2017 LPT charge in full was 11th January 2017.
If you paid your LPT for 2016 by lump sum or cash payment and have not yet made arrangements to pay the 2017 charge, you need to do so as soon as possible.


 Mortgage Arrears Information and Free Professional Advice Service

The free service is available to homeowners who are being offered long term resolution arrangements by their bank to their mortgage difficulties. The advice will be provided by accountants who have registered on the panel wishing to provide the service.

If the homeowner wishes to avail of the service, he or she can pick an accountant of their choice from the panel and the bank will pay a set fee of €250 to the accountant for the advice provided. 

The scheme applies to a person’s principal private residence only.  The accountant will explain the terms included in the proposed arrangement and will advise on the financial implications of the proposed arrangement. The final decision on whether to accept the proposed arrangement is the borrower’s.

When announcing the scheme the Minister said “Each family in mortgage arrears faces unique difficulties and we must have a range of solutions which can be adapted to resolve each family's difficulties.”

The Minister continued by saying “People experiencing difficulties with their mortgage need to contact their lender."

Welcoming this scheme, Michael Casey of Byrne Casey & Associates said “this measure provides a wonderful opportunity for distressed homeowners. We see how stressed homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments are. There is a risk that they will agree to an arrangement that is not appropriate for them. A consultation with an accountant who will be able to explain, in plain English, what is being proposed and the implications of accepting the proposal, will provide invaluable assistance to such families”.

In conjunction with the announcement of the free service, a website and a Mortgage Arrears Information Helpline (0761 07 4050) were launched. The website offers general mortgage arrears information and advice for distressed mortgage holders. The helpline provides general mortgage arrears information and guidance to mortgage holders, in particular to borrowers who are in arrears or pre-arrears on their residential property. 

Byrne Casey & Associates is one of the firms of accountants participating on the panel.

Some of the information contained above is taken from the Citizens Information Board press release announcing the service.


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Byrne Casey & Associates 2016 Budget Summary
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