Credit Unions

For over 40 years we have developed a strong professional reputation within the Credit Union movement and act as auditors to 12 Credit Unions across Ireland in addition to providing advisory services to many more.

The sector has seen fundamental change in its operations and regulatory reporting requirements in recent years. At BCA we have a dedicated specialist team that understand this is a critical time for Credit Unions and will provide you with an informed, consistent approach to help you effectively manage any issues.

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Agriculture Business

Our dedicated Agricultural business team has a deep knowledge and insight into the issues that make the difference to maximising the returns for an Agri business.

We are also conscious of the issues that are relevant in planning for the handing over of a successful family farm from one generation to the next and how this might be done in a tax efficient and seamless manner.

As always our accounting team are on hand to deal with the annual compliance obligations and your routine accounting requirements.

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International Business

Ireland is a gateway to Europe for 100s of multi-national businesses looking to develop and the decision to expand a business into another jurisdiction requires careful consideration of the taxation and accounting compliance implications arising from this move.

At BCA we provided expert local advice to numerous international companies in establishing Ireland as a base for their overseas operations.

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Family Business & Succession

It is difficult process – with numerous considerations to overcome – when a decision has been made to pass over the family business from one generation to the next.

At BCA we understand these challenges and have helped to successfully navigate these issues for many our clients. This process often involves an overall approach from our taxation and our investment management specialists.

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Property Transactions

There are a multitude of tax implications when an individual or business decides to sell a property. BCA’s specialists Property, Advisory and Taxation teams are experts in assessing the financial issues of any property transaction alongside the taxation issues which can arise throughout the course of property ownership.

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